Finding Home

Last year, I participated in my first Write 31 Days  challenge. I wrote on Beloved. 

This year, I have a different theme in mind. With a cross-country move so recent, my life is a bit in upheaval. (As such, I ended up cutting this short, and currently, we sit at 29 days of home…I’m leaving the page at 31, in case those last two posts sneak up on me.)

Growing up, this upheaval is not what I wanted. I had moved so many times, and home was often not the best place to be. So much turmoil experienced. But, despite that, it was home. Until, my freshman year of college, when the home I spent most of my formative years was sold, and my family moved to a new location.

Since college, my life has resembled the first six years of my life: several residences across as many miles.

Now, I’ve relocated even further. And, further from what I thought I would have by this time:

A real, actual home. A place of my own to build a family, have guests, or shut away the world when need be.

Instead, I am learning so much about what home actually is. So, that is the focus of this challenge:

Finding Home

He blesses my home. My hope is secure in Him.

Hopefully, along the way, we all find something about home we can take with us wherever we find ourselves.

Day 30: Homesick
Day 29: In the Silence
Day 28: A Case of the Mondays
Day 27: November 1
Day 26: Almost
Day 25: Beautiful Order
Day 24: Psalm 127 – Home
Day 23: Perhaps…
Day 22: Appreciation of Home
Day 21: Value of Home
Day 20: How Home Should Feel
Day 19: Temporary Home
Day 18: A Blessed Dwelling
Day 17: Worth from the Creator
Day 16: Is the Grass Greener?
Day 15: Laughter is Good for the Soul
Day 14: Impatience at Home
Day 13: Calm in the Storm
Day 12: Rest
Day 11: Ah, Fall
Day 10:  Trust in Home
Day 9:  Character
Day 8:  Love & Home
Day 7:  Redeemer, Provider, Sustainer…Everything
Day 6:  Home is Where the Books Are
Day 5:  Embrace
Day 4:  Waiting for Capture
Day 3:  Family
Day 2:  Home for My Calling

Day  1: Visiting Home

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