Hey Y’all, I’m Candice:


Ok, let’s get the boring education/training stuff out of the way first…I am a LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) in Oklahoma & a Lifestyle coach in this online space. I have a BA in Psychology, and a declared minor in Sociology and an undeclared minor in Religion, & I have an MA in Counseling Psychology. I am currently in my final days of training as a Life Strategies Coach.

Now, for the fun stuff! I’m a newly wed, married to my best friend & he lets me be my goofball self all the time. I’m an authentic life advocate, self-care guru and, a passionate tiny house dweller. I’m a minimalist wannabe who gets better at it day by day.

I’m a developer who enjoys finding strengths in others and encouraging them to grow in those areas, I believe that anyone given the proper resources can build an authentic life. I am extremely passionate about empowering women to live their best life – turning their current life into their dream life! 

Because you,  yes, even you, can live in freedom, satisfaction, contentment, and abundance just where you are!

If you’re ready to begin living that life of freedom, satisfaction, & abundance I know you can have, CLICK HERE, and let’s do this!


Tiny Nephesh was born out of a vision to help empower women. I recognize that all of us at times have a tendency to encounter disillusionment, doubts, questions, burn out, vicarious trauma, negativity, apathy, hopelessness. It is her desire that we’d all be constantly in touch with the true source of Joy & Hope.

I encountered burn-out many times over in my own journey, and have been able to overcome in order to thrive authentically and love my life. As I began working through and overcoming, I noticed there were 6 key phases I was working through that brought me out on the other side to this joy & freedom & abundance in my life. It is now my mission to help other women in the same experience to utilize these 6 key phases to design their dream life & live it right where they are.

How we got our name?
Tiny Nephesh Ministry got it’s name from much prayer and consideration. The tiny part comes from the kind of dwelling I find myself most at drawn to and at home in: tiny homes & places. The cozy that is inviting and beautiful. The dwellings that can easily be moved as God calls.
The nephesh part is the Hebrew word for “soul” – though often translated as “life”. The passion behind Tiny Nephesh Ministry is to help others re-discover the source of Joy & hope; and in our coaching, figure out what inspires their soul & the best way to create an authentic life.


Tiny Nephesh Coaching & Ministry exists to empower women to turn their current life into their dream life – allowing them to experience freedom, satisfaction, abundance, joy, & peace right where they are.