Accessibility in Ministry

It's my failures, my weakness that make me accessible. And Accessibility makes for deeper ministry & relationship. My constant, day in & day out relationship with Christ; my desire to know more of Him - is what makes up for it. This allows Him to be strong in my weakness.


verb: hold closely in one's arms (esp as a sign of affection) accept or support willingly and enthusiastically noun: the act of holding closely in one's arms the act of accepting or supporting willingly and enthusiastically When talking about the word embrace it can be taken so many ways. I've read through many different views from it: embracing God … Continue reading Embrace


Any Sunday I get to go to church, is a restful, Lovely Sunday. Today was no exception. As I settled in my seat mere seconds before service started, I noticed a visitor on the front row (I go to a very small church where we all pretty much know each other). This new comer was … Continue reading Flourish