Ah, Back to Ireland.

2013 was the last time I got the opportunity to visit Ireland. I have been twice for ministry opportunities. Now, I have the opportunity to return this July. I.Am.So.Excited. Each time I go there, I fall more & more in love: with the place, the people, and spreading the Love of God across the ocean. … Continue reading Ah, Back to Ireland.

Oh, Monday

There are a lot of days, since I'm early in my career, that I find myself wondering "what am I doing? Am I doing what I'm supposed to? Am I educationally or emotionally prepared for what I'm doing?" I mean, of course I am, this is all a part of the process. It's the act … Continue reading Oh, Monday


The world holds so much ugly tragedy, sometimes we need to take a few special minutes to dwell on the good things around us, the good done for us, and the good we can do for others.