I just sent off my inquiry about setting up an interview to volunteer at a nearby children's hospital. A year long commitment. Sunday, I agreed to help with our young adult small group, as well as child-check-in once month. Commitment: unknown. Likely, however long I am in the area. I just sent out my request … Continue reading Determined

Home for my Calling

I am an introvert. By nearly every definition and example. Headphones in? Check. Door closed? Check. Book or movie in front of me? Check. Whatever I can do to secure absolute alone time, especially in the wee hours of the night, when the world is at it's darkest and quietest. That's my time. My heart … Continue reading Home for my Calling


In my last post, "Don't dress stupid", I quoted a line from the most recent HIMYM:"The real challenge is walking up to a [girl] I've never met before and somehow talking to her with words from my mouth..."Exactly...When I'm with my friends or coworkers, I often find myself saying, "yeah, and I'm the quiet one … Continue reading Confidence