Today’s Choice Matters Most

Recently, my readership spiked as people came around to read about the unique "Unicorn Betty" who had never been on a date, even though she's 25 years old.And, even though that Adventure in Dating continues, it has an Ecclesiastes 3 kind of flow (a time for everything...) When I'm not actively seeking advice from Cousin, … Continue reading Today’s Choice Matters Most

5 minutes – SMALL

I like to participate in Five Minute Friday. I know, it's actually Saturday, but the link stays open all week. It means, I just write for 5 minutes on the prompt over at Lisa Jo Baker's site. Whatever comes up. No extensive editing. No over-thinking. Just writing.This week's prompt is Small.Ready? GOA wood between worlds;A wardrobe … Continue reading 5 minutes – SMALL


I know many of you have probably noticed: I've kind of let this blog go.Though writing is still my unrelenting passion, I have just been very un-inspired. In the area of blog writing, book writing, note writing, journal writing, church writing...basically any kind of writing has been blocked for me as of late.However, recently I … Continue reading RE-energized


This is a Five Minute Friday post (Finally on Friday :o).Rules are: Write for 5 minutes, no over thinking, just go. Ready?GOWhen I think of the word "Delight", I think of a favorite verse."Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4I wear this verse around … Continue reading Delight