Announcement Time!

I recently (just now, actually), said goodbye to my first blog: AGAPETOS (over at God has recently been working on me about where my focus is to be, and as hard as it is to say goodbye to that platform, I know God was priming me for this one. Now, I won't be taking … Continue reading Announcement Time!

Marriage & Ministry – Marriage IS Ministry

I've only been married about a minute (ok, it's actually been a few months)... That said, I don't claim to be an expert in marriage...or ministry. But I do know quite a bit about both, from education and experience. With the upcoming (and now recent) nuptials coming up, I have been toying with a post … Continue reading Marriage & Ministry – Marriage IS Ministry


A big part of this tiny house dream is the ministry & training aspect. My goal in travel is not just to travel for travel's sake, but to be able to minister to youth across the country. Ministry: office, duty, or functions of the office of minister. A person or thing through which something is … Continue reading Ministry