It’s a Process

In the field I work in, it is estimated that up to 67% of us experience high levels of burnout...something we can experience at any time in our careers, not just the later years. Combine my drive with perfection and my world-view that tells me to put everyone else above myself: I am a prime … Continue reading It’s a Process


Any Sunday I get to go to church, is a restful, Lovely Sunday. Today was no exception. As I settled in my seat mere seconds before service started, I noticed a visitor on the front row (I go to a very small church where we all pretty much know each other). This new comer was … Continue reading Flourish

Real – 5MF

It's Saturday! (Right?!?) So, here's is my ever late 5 Minute Friday post. The theme this week: Real. Ready? GO: "Do you have an imagination?" This question started the friendship of my forever BFF and I...I don't know, but in 5th grade, that seemed like the most important thing in the world. I have always had a great … Continue reading Real – 5MF