Dear Children, do better.

Dream. Try. Do Good."-George Feeney After this, Topanga asked him, "don't you mean do well?" "No, I mean do good," he replied. This is our role in the world: to do good. Scripture puts it this way: Live justly. Love mercy. Walk Humbly with God.Micah 6:8 This year of 2020 has been a rough one. … Continue reading Dear Children, do better.

Balancing Home & Ministry

This has been a heck-of-a-week. So many tornados, so much flooding. Pray for your Oklahoma friends. So, today (Sunday), I ended up staying home from church while hubby went to serve. Last night, right about midnight or so, our sirens went off...I was going to the bathroom of all things, right when they hit. Hubby … Continue reading Balancing Home & Ministry

Resiliency: In Ministry, in Business, and in Marriage

Y'all, this is going to be a freakin' honest post. Like, bearing my heart & inviting you into the mess kind of post. This week has been rough. We have been dealing with meal issues, grocery issues, broken tiny house issues, heat issues, communication issues, and I have been a mess. I can't count the number of … Continue reading Resiliency: In Ministry, in Business, and in Marriage