Another Letter to Me

I have been away again...though, I have a few posts written & ready, I have been hesitant to share them, and I am not completely sure why. So, I'm back for Tuesday @ 10. The theme this week is: "If I Could Write a Letter to Past Me..." Some of my readers know I did this a while … Continue reading Another Letter to Me

Seek – T@10

After 31 days of writing, I was tired; and didn't know exactly what to post next. So, I gave myself a break, knowing a Tuesday @ 10 was coming soon. This week's topic is: SEEK As someone who has been a believer much of her life (pretty much all of it), and an active participant since … Continue reading Seek – T@10


I am so tired right now, I just want to sleep...I even considered skipping writing today, but now, I'm in the habit. I can't sleep without putting thoughts to page for the world to see - especially in the midst of this 31 Day challenge writing about being Beloved - Agapetos. Since it's Tuesday, I … Continue reading Waiting…


Hello again! Back from another is so crazy busy. That's why I love 5 Minute Fridays. 5 minutes is pretty easy to spare.With today being Good Friday, the topic chosen is Light.So, here I go, writing for 5 minutes, no over-thinking & minimal edits.Ready? GO!Today's topic is light. And, today it seems all around … Continue reading Light