PSA: Check on Your Postpartum Friends

By this, I do not by any means intend for you to physically go check on them, for the love of all that is holy, stay at home. But, as a therapist and a postpartum mom, I imagine the numbers of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum loneliness are going to go up during this … Continue reading PSA: Check on Your Postpartum Friends

Girl Mom (to be…)

"She probably just likes me better..." the owner of the ultra sound boutique said. It took a minute to register who that "she" was referring to... She? I'm having a she?! In that moment, a brief wave of panic washed over me. Right up until they handed us the print outs with pictures of our … Continue reading Girl Mom (to be…)


One of my greatest goals is to help others recognize their own value. Because, somewhere along the way, I have realized: When you recognize your own value, it gets harder to allow others to devalue you. This is something I am currently walking through, recognizing what I can bring to the table. Recognizing my value … Continue reading Value