Spiritual Self-care

The longer I'm on this path God has led me down, the more passionate I become about self-care. But, self-care goes so much deeper than just manicures & pedicures (though, those can be nice...got a manicure today myself). We are made up of body, soul, spirit. We have to take care of ourselves a whole … Continue reading Spiritual Self-care

Young Living Arrival!

Today, I got my new Young Living starter kit & I decided to do an unboxing post. Living in a Tiny House on wheels (aka Tiny Nephesh, my travel trailer), means really re-thinking how I care for myself & my space, since it's so small. Using things with a lot of harsh chemicals is bad … Continue reading Young Living Arrival!


A big part of this tiny house dream is the ministry & training aspect. My goal in travel is not just to travel for travel's sake, but to be able to minister to youth across the country. Ministry: office, duty, or functions of the office of minister. A person or thing through which something is … Continue reading Ministry