From Therapist to Life Coach: Why I Switched and What’s Next?

Honestly, I’ve been pretty quiet around here the last 6-9 months. We made a big cross-country move, and I was trying to adjust. I was also trying to find my voice, letting the fear/insecurity take over. I wasn’t completely down for the count during that time. I also released a 31 day guided journal and … Continue reading From Therapist to Life Coach: Why I Switched and What’s Next?

Leaving Mommy-Hustle Culture Behind

Over the last several years, hustle culture seems to have permeated the world. A generation of Millennials just trying to find a place to fit and a way to survive. And, millennial moms desiring a way to be with their families while also providing for them. It has honestly become toxic to our already struggling … Continue reading Leaving Mommy-Hustle Culture Behind

Broken Road

God has awakened in me a restless & wandering heart. A heart that desires to see a passion for Him awaken among the nation's youth. A heart that desires to connect to the hurting & broken, hearing their stories, observing the beauty of Creation - all over this nation and across some others. God has called my heart to adventure...


Sometimes, I feel anything but... On the days when I am so low (which has not occurred in quite a while) or so anxious I can barely get out of bed (this one is a little more prevalent). In times of grief or confusion... I feel anything but... Yet, it is a word that describes … Continue reading Strong