The Lie of Unworthiness

I've been believing a lie my whole life. One that has permeated everything I've ever done. One that has been the driving force for so many of my attempts and my accomplishments. It's the lie of unworthiness. People, mainly good intentioned church people, have told me (and my peers) over and over that I am … Continue reading The Lie of Unworthiness

Momma’s Heart Update

So, I didn't end up writing every day. Now, I want to fill you in on why & let you know that the Momma Heart February series will continue - just with a little bit of grace and leeway for myself. This week a lot of pregnancy complications came up. A couple weeks ago, we … Continue reading Momma’s Heart Update

Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression & Anxiety – A Glimpse

12:01pm. That's the time I finally got out of bed yesterday, with the exception of one time to use the bathroom, because, pregnant. The only food eaten by that time was about a quarter of a box of cheese-itz. Outside of pregnancy, I don't even like cheese-itz, and honestly eating just happens to feel like … Continue reading Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression & Anxiety – A Glimpse