A Beginning and an End

I once wrote about Goodbye being hello in disguise... And, that's what I'm here to share today. A goodbye that is really a hello in disguise. First the AMAZING news: I'm going to be a mom! That's right! In a little over 6 months, my husband & I will be greeting our little bundle. not sure … Continue reading A Beginning and an End


During the Night Reality falls Away Eliminating Fear And Making my  Spirit Alive & New Such a BIG word for me right now - as graduation approaches, reaching some body/fitness goals (see tomorrow's #WorkItWednesday post), searching for a new job/internship, continuing to pray/hope for the romance department. And, I'm holding on to Promises God made long ago. … Continue reading DREAMS (T@10)

The Growing

This week's Tuesday @ 10 word is "Grow"... so many ways one can go with that. But, tonight, I don't feel much grown. After many tears today, especially the last couple of hours, my eyes burn; left my throat sore & raw, my lungs burning from irregular air flow. My body exhausted. Instead of feeling … Continue reading The Growing