Who Am I…I am..

This week's Tuesday @ 10 prompt is: Who am I? I am... and Five Minute Friday is Learn. So, here we go... Just over 9 years ago, I graduated high school, packed up my life, and left Oklahoma to return to the sunny shores of California. Now, in a little less than a month, I … Continue reading Who Am I…I am..

Another Letter to Me

I have been away again...though, I have a few posts written & ready, I have been hesitant to share them, and I am not completely sure why. So, I'm back for Tuesday @ 10. The theme this week is: "If I Could Write a Letter to Past Me..." Some of my readers know I did this a while … Continue reading Another Letter to Me

Be Loved

Be Loved Tonight, we had an event at my church, and I went to help out, to serve. But, I didn't really expect to get anything, I didn't really expect God to meet me there, but He did. One of the guests spoke out: "Someone in here is feeling unloveable, and God thinks that's laughable." … Continue reading Be Loved