Learning to Trust

So far 2012 hasn't been at all what I expected...As I started the year, BIG changes were happening. Little did I know, those big changes were just the beginning of  a year long life transition.In January, I wrote about my One Word for 2012: Trust. This was the area I had prayed about and I knew … Continue reading Learning to Trust

Learning to Love [Myself]

"...Love your neighbor as yourself..." Matthew 22:39I recently wrote about the one year challenge I have set up for myself. A challenge to change some of the bad habits in my life. Really, it's just about a life overhaul where I become a better steward of the life God has blessed me with.At the core of … Continue reading Learning to Love [Myself]


So I kind of feel as if I am writing this post just for me, but sometimes that happens I guess...For much of my life I have battled with intense anxiety...over everything! It has done a number on my life: limiting my social abilities, my adaptation abilities, my spiritual life, everything.I hold on very closely … Continue reading Anxiety


When I first started seeing "One Word 2012" appear in other blogs, I thought, "What a neat idea. I'm not making resolutions either..." Then, I went back and forth on participating.There are so many words in life, so many things we could work on, share, or be. How was I to choose just one. I … Continue reading Trust