My Fishy Squishy

I bought a fish...   7 months ago... Before life changed so much...yet stayed oh so much the same... And, as we go into the last month of 2014, I am amazed that though all that has happened the last 7 months, this little guy is still swimming around happily. Especially as of late, he … Continue reading My Fishy Squishy

tRUTH @ 10

I spend a lot of time acting like I have it all together & am able to get up each day and push forward... But, the TRUTH is, I'm always exhausted.   I like to act like I can do everything on my own. But, the TRUTH is, any energy I have comes from Him, because I … Continue reading tRUTH @ 10


Five Minute Friday (on Saturday). No overthinking, no extensive editing. Just writing. Then, link up at Lisa-Jo Baker's site.MIGHTYREADY? GO:I have been struggling with this word since I received it in December.I prayed over my "One Word" for 2014, and there it was again: Mighty.Now, for Five Minute Friday: Mighty.Lately, I have felt anything but.Behind … Continue reading Mighty