Single & Learning

Singleness... This is a topic I rarely broach here. I did write about my "Moves Like Jagger", but that was about it. However, in a recent post, Letter to Me, I included the following: You won't be married by the time you thought you would, but that's ok. We both still have A LOT of growing up … Continue reading Single & Learning

Driven by Fear

My next three or four blog entries will be about what I have learned in 2011. You may have heard these before, maybe learned them the hard way, or maybe they never came across your path. I just feel moved to share them with you.Driven by Fear;Spinning in Circles...Chances are, if you live a life … Continue reading Driven by Fear


"Waking up I see that everything is okay...Slowing down, I look around and I am so amazed...This innocence is brilliant (I hope that it will stay)...It's so beautiful it makes you want to cry..." - Avril Lavigne 'Innocence'I just discovered this song today. And as I listen to these words, they pull on my heart … Continue reading Whole