Usually, I try to do the whole blog every day October challenge. But last year, and the year before, I fell short. Way short. I start with the best of intentions, and then, well, you know... This year, I made no such commitment. This October, I hit my second trimester, our family was adjusting to … Continue reading NanoWrimo!

Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!

As you may know, I recently got married (just about 6 weeks ago). And, my husband has been out of town on for business for just over 24 hours, and he won't be home until late tomorrow night... Good news: I miss him like crazy already! Bad news: I miss him like crazy. Since he's … Continue reading Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!


I just realized I didn't post yesterday 😳 Oh well, sometimes, we don't do things perfectly. And, honestly, I'm so exhausted tonight that I'm struggling to think of what to write...often, at the end of a trying week, I struggle to find my creativity... but, now, it's the weekend. A time of resting and relaxing. … Continue reading Weekend


I know many of you have probably noticed: I've kind of let this blog go.Though writing is still my unrelenting passion, I have just been very un-inspired. In the area of blog writing, book writing, note writing, journal writing, church writing...basically any kind of writing has been blocked for me as of late.However, recently I … Continue reading RE-energized